Clutch: A Unified Shopping App for Android Users

In this technologically apprenticed world, consumers are fast affective appear opting for adaptable apps for shopping. Arcade for articles over your Smartphones seems to be the best advantage any accustomed day. However, generally we charge to log into added than one websites for online shopping. Discovering and blockage out a new artefact is not as simple as it seems. Keeping all this in apperception a unified arcade app is launched by Clutch. Clamp is a adaptable business aggregation that has developed an app for Android users. It is accessible for fee on Google Play store. Let us acquisition out what Clamp is all about and how benign it is.

About Clutch

Clutch, is advised to facilitate barter with simple arcade online. You do not charge assorted arcade apps on your Smartphone. It is a unified adaptable belvedere that gives you different arcade experience. You will be able to acquaintance aggregate of best deals, allowance offers, administration experience, adherence and gifting, arcade and accordant accepted offers. All this will plan in accord with your claimed choices. Your choices are tagged with the offers by merchants. This helps you accompany the best deals and offers on your Smartphone. This is the alone belvedere that gives you a complete arcade acquaintance in a unified way.

According to online sources, the aggregation is alive appear including Clamp Rewards Points. This will plan every time you bulk cards application this app; accredit it to your accompany and shop. After accession cogent bulk of points, you will be able to redeem it adjoin allowance cards aural the app.

Notable appearance in Clamp for Android include:

Organizing your cards- Clamp gives you the advantage of Adaptable Wallet. This helps you in acclimation all your cards in one place. You can calmly add your allowance cards, debit cards, acclaim cards, adherence cards and banknote cards aural this app. This enables you to admission any agenda bound whenever needed. Additionally, you can even add library cards and added associates cards. All this gets stored in the app to be acclimated after on if required.

Price comparison- Addition absorbing affection to attending for is the Analyze & Shop. This helps you get the best accessible deal. You can analyze prices fabricated accessible with arcade accoutrement aural this app. You will accept an active bulletin as anon as a artefact is accessible on everyman price.

Local deals- The best affair about this app is accepting alerts on bounded deals. You will be able to attending for the best deals accessible in your own boondocks or vicinity. You are accustomed a seek advantage optimized to attending up for appropriate promotions, deals and food aural a accustomed proximity. As anon as your adopted accord is accessible you will accept a bulletin alert. Additionally, as anon as you are abreast a banker you will accept an active about the latest accord offered. However, initially you charge to accept a allowance agenda stored aural your wallet accompanying to that retailer

Window Shopping- You can analysis out new articles with arcade feeds. This enables a user to analyze arcade items. Additionally, the added you boutique the added this augment becomes smarter adapting your trends. You will accept popular, latest trend and items of your own interest.

Personal collections- You can body your own accumulating of articles and even chase the collections aggregate by another. Additionally, you are aswell accustomed the abandon to add items from other’s accumulating and animadversion on it.

You can download the app of Clamp from Google Plays store. This app is the adapted adaptation to the absolute adaptation that was provided to iPhone earlier. You can chase it on Twitter at ClutchShopping or like it on Facebook. You can appointment Clamp at

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